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Thank You Shareholders & Creditors
For sending suggestion and objection to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) against amalgamation of NSEL with FTIL
We are obliged and thankful to our shareholders who have joined hands to voice their views with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) on the draft order of amalgamation of NSEL with FTIL We are pleased to share the key highlights of voting results being audited by M/s. KDS & Co., Chartered Accountants. The results are computed from the response of 18,700+ shareholders representing 80% equity capital of the company (real investors with real numbers and complete KYC) to MCA with a copy to FTIL as on the last date of voting deadline set by Hon'ble Bombay High Court. Due to the overwhelming response, over 12,500 mails have bounced back and hard copies of the same have been sent to the MCA
Voted Against Amalgamation Voted For Amalgamation
(Represents 79.58% of totaI equity captaI) (Represent all
Creditors who voted)
(Represent all
Employee who voted)
  (Represent 0.36%
of total equity capital)
From the above said response, it is apparent that the draft order is detrimental to interest
of 63,000+ shareholders and over 1,000 employees of FTIL
Humble Prayer to MCA, on behalf of 63,000+ FTIL Shareholders
The FTIL board reiterates its commitment to engage and keep dialogue open with the various Government Departments and concerned authorities in resolving the crisis and settlement defaults that took place at NSEL's trading platform on expedited basis to arrive at an amicable solution, within the Judicial framework, that is fair, Just and equitable to all stakeholders. The board, without prejudice to its legal rights and remedies, has appointed a committee under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Venkat Chary to discuss these issues with the Government of India. FTIL is represented by its legal advisor Mr. Cyril Shroff, Managing Partner, Amarchand & Mangaldas for this process.
Impeccable track record of creating and delivering shareholders' value FT 3.0: Confidence to execute founders vision of "Digital India @2025"
  • Since its inception in 1995, FTIL has built world class institutions such as MCX, SMX, DGCX, lEX, NBHC and Bourse Africa. Exchanges like MCX and lEX among others combined with its ecosystem partners helped create new jobs/I employment of over 1 million
  • FTIL is amongst the first few companies to be Invited by international financial centres like Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius and Bahrain to set up and develop their financial markets and related ecosystem in their countries.
  • FTIL contributed over Rs. 1,000 crore to the exchequer to the Government of India by direct and indirect taxes since the past 10 years.
  • Delivered consistent shareholder value by paying on an average 100% dividends for the past 37 quarters.
  • The book value of your Company as on September 30, 2014 was Rs. 614 per share.
  • FT Tower. your Company's prized asset of 125.000 square feet is equipped with world class technology and infrastructure support.
  • FTIL 3.0 is the transformation of FTIL into becoming the de facto 'powered by' technology partner of choice to create and develop ecosystem of 108 new Digital Disruptors under 'Make in India" theme.
  • These disruptors would be In key sectors such as Retail, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Environment, Infrastructure and Space among others over the next 10 years by 2025.
  • FTIL 3.0 will leverage its Technology, Talent. Infrastructure, Experience and Ecosystem to become the obvious choice as partner for entrepreneurs and organisations to optimise their resources in their core focus areas and scale up their businesses.
  • These new Digital Disruptors will be the bellwether of inclusive development and growth besides creating a domino effect in the ecosystem that will be breeding ground to more new entrepreneurs, start·up's and job creation and will become the showcase of Digital India by 2025
About Financial Technologies
Mr. Jignesh Shah is the Founder of the Financial Technologies Group. FTIL is a global leader in providing next generation technology innovations, platform and solutions for creating digital markets and marketplaces that enables price discovery and transaction efficiencies across the industry segments.
FTIL 3.0 (63 moons): In line with the vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister on ‘Startup India’ and ‘Digital India’, 63 moons will endeavor to become a technology innovation partner to enable 108 new digital disrupters across 12 target industry verticals including, Space-Tech to Agri-Tech leveraging next generation technologies, from Robotics to IoT (Internet of Things) and SMAC (Social Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) that will be researched and developed at its JS Innovation LabTM.

About Jignesh Shah

Mr. Jignesh Shah is currently Chairman Emeritus of Financial Technologies Group. Mr. Jignesh Shah is founder of the FT Group which went on to democratize and revolutionize commodity exchanges in India, Singapore, Dubai and Africa.

Mr. Jignesh Shah, rightly lauded by global think-tanks as a pioneer in developing the Indian financial markets, has dedicated his life in shaping the future of the Indian Commodity Space. He has contributed towards the development and well-being of the Indian Marketplace and is a market creator for those at the bottom of the pyramid, i.e. the farmers as well as other stakeholders.

Mr. Jignesh Shah is known as the ‘Innovator of Modern Financial Markets’ for his role in creating a successful Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model to build world class financial institutions. He has created modern IP-centric financial markets, which have been instrumental in changing the contours of exchange trading in India and emerging economies from Africa to Asia.

Mr. Jignesh Shah formed Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL) in 1995 with two other colleagues. Initially involved in consultancy for setting up electronic trading rooms, Financial Technologies today is a global leader in creating and operating technology-centric financial exchanges (markets) for multi-asset classes.

Ever since the payment default crises hit the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) in 2013, the FTIL Group and its promoter have been incessantly targeted by various vested interest groups. They resorted to spreading lies, presenting a distorted version of the crisis and indulged in misinformation tactics to misguide people at large.

This sustained vicious campaign naturally became a cause of concern for FTIL’s stakeholders including its employees and their families, shareholders, bankers, clients, customers and vendors. These anxious stakeholders often reached out to the Company seeking to know if there was any truth at all in what was being projected. They also requested FTIL for greater clarity on the issue.

In view of these developments, FTIL found it imperative to make few short films that throw light on the truth about the crisis as it stands. These short films seek to put the facts in the right perspective, showing what the society has lost due to the crisis that could have been handled in a different manner.

We have put these films on our website for the purpose of clarifying doubts and concern raised by various stakeholders.

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